Special Effects In a Chinese Film

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The easy and cheap special effect from low budget Chinese movie is one of it’s kind.

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Mind Blown: The Writer Automaton

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This amazing 240 years old automated writing boy is the early relative of today’s programmable computers.

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Tiny 8 Sqm Apartment In Paris

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Kitoko Studio fills tiny 8 square meter Parisian apartment with hidden amenities.

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Gulp: World’s Largest Stop-motion Animation Short Moivie

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A stop motion movie at it’s best, Gulp portraits the story of a fisherman.

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Amazing Bubble Show From Singapore

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This amazing bubble show is something not only for kids but also for adults.

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Nike Football The Last Game

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World cup football is here and this animation video presents the essence of the game.

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Fog Or Stephen King Nightmare Rolling In?

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Here is the video of fog rolling into the lake and it surely looks like huge tsunami coming.

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